The Zany Lexicon

I say random things. Lately I've had some questions about the things I say.

So here you have the Zany Lexicon. It's a work in progress as I tend to say A LOT of odd stuff. And things. And things and stuff. Okay, I'm done.

Worry Turds: Ever get so nervous that something hits you other than harmless butterflies in the stomach? There's a name for that. And it's worry turds my friends.

Nerf Bat Moment: Always aimed at the husband. A nerf bat to his oversized head.

Barf Toasties: when you feel like barfing, upchucking, vomiting.

Barf Toasties Food Fail: after you've cooked what you thought would be a good meal. Enter vomit.

Cramps! The Musical: Ladies, need I say more?

Drag-ass: A case of the lazies. As in "I have a serious case of the drag-ass today and refuse to wash the dishes/comb my hair/laugh at your stupid jokes."

Giggle Juice: booze, hooch, etc.

Bully for you: A nicely derisory congratulative. As in when you say "I just bought a Lexus SUV and a new pair of Ferragamos" my reply would be "Bully for you" followed by a few choice four letter words.

Fabulist: Fancy way of saying liar. As in "You are a fantastic fabulist. I totally believe those Payless duds are Ferragamos"

Friday Dementia: By the time Friday rolls around, what little brain cells I had to begin with go into a comatose state and refuse to budge. My friends love spending time with me on Fridays because of this. I utter more nonsense than usual and start to giggle SOBER at the most random things. And so I had to put a name to it.
Flapdoodle: Another way of saying Poppycock, balderdash. A whole cup of nonsense.

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